YTSAB GROUP has acquired Kent Olsson Ytteknik AB in Eskilstuna.

For us, it has been of great importance to grow and broaden our business. So when the opportunity to acquire Ytteknik was given at the beginning of the year, we did not hesitate.
We contacted the CEO of Kent Olssons Ytteknik AB and negotiations for an acquisition began.
For the previous owners Lindblad & Andersson Invest, the most important thing was to find a new owner who wants to continue developing Ytteknik in the future. Now that this opportunity has emerged and become a reality, it feels very gratifying that we are the ones who take Surface Technology further in its development.
To be able to hand over to people who have a long-term perspective in development and ownership creates security for development and the employees
YTSAB OXIDE AB will contribute with great knowledge, wider network of new contacts

YTSAB GROUP looks forward to further developing the company with its existing customers and in its role as a subcontractor to the industry. Two of the previous owners are leaving the company, while Daniel Lindblad will remain as quality and customer manager for the phosphating part in Eskilstuna.
The company has many employees with long experience, which we will take advantage of. It is a high level of knowledge and a good corporate culture that characterizes the company. We will safeguard this as we drive the company forward, but also make our own mark, make improvements and develop the company to be able to be at the forefront in our area.